Physician Assistants - Enabling Competencies

Physician Assistants are able to...

Demonstrate a commitment to their patients, profession and society through ethical practice

• Exhibit appropriate professional behaviour in practice including honesty, integrity, commitment, compassion, respect and altruism

• Demonstrate a commitment to deliver the highest quality care and maintenance of competence

• Recognize and appropriately respond to ethical issues encountered in practice, including issues of patient consent

• Appropriately manage conflicts of interest

• Recognize the principle and limits of patient confidentiality as defined by practice standards and the law

• Maintain appropriate professional interaction with patients

• Recognize and respond to others’ unprofessional behaviours in practice

• Participate in peer review


Demonstrate a commitment to their scope of practice and the unique PA-physician relationship

• Abide by the professional, legal and ethical codes of medical practice

• Comply with national, federal and provincial regulations, where applicable Demonstrate a commitment to Physician Assistant health and sustainable practice.

• Balance personal and professional priorities to ensure personal health and sustainable practice

• Strive to heighten personal and professional awareness and insight

• Recognize other professionals in need and respond appropriately

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